Our Branches


Diba Studios offers two ideal locations to help you find your perfect space. Currently located on Dennis Pritt Rd in Kilimani and Baba Dogo Rd in Baba Dogo, explore our locations and find the best fit for you. Our Members can access any branch location at no additional cost and have access to all amenities.

In addition to the package-specific benefits, all our packages at Diba Studios include a range of inclusive amenities. You’ll have access to free high-speed internet with extensive coverage, ensuring that you can stay
connected and collaborate seamlessly.

We also provide complimentary parking for your convenience, making it hassle-free for you to commute to our co-working space. To keep you refreshed and energized throughout the day, we offer access to filtered
water, as well as coffee and tea facilities.

Members also have access to a shared kitchen, providing you with the convenience of having meals or socializing with fellow professionals.


Our studio is strategically located in Nairobi, placing you in the heart of the city’s thriving business district. You’ll have easy access to transportation, amenities, and a vibrant professional community.

We offer a professional and well-maintained work environment that promotes productivity and collaboration. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators, creating opportunities for networking and collaboration.

We offer a range of packages from private offices, team packages, dedicated individual packages, shared individual packages and twin packages each with their own ammenities.

In a beautiful and serene environment, you can relax in our outdoor spaces or work in our one-of-a-kind indoor space and grow your business with it.


Welcome to Diba Studios’ new location in the heart of the Baba Dogo industrial area. With easy access to Eastleigh, Mathare and Nairobi’s industrial area, connect and grow in this unique space.

We offer a creative and vibrant place for all types of professionals, from executives to creatives and even entrepreneurs. Baba Dogo is our most prominent location. Connect with people, create connections from all over Nairobi, and build yourself through us.

We offer a range of packages, including private offices, team packages, dedicated individual packages, shared individual packages, and twin packages, each with its amenities and event space, art studios, workshops, and showrooms.

We guarantee that Baba Dogo will be more than just a workplace.



Book a tour to view any of our branches and we will help you find the perfect package for you.

Join us today and become part of the Diba Studios.